Submitting a UISG or GPSG Budget Request

If you are wanting to submit a budget request for University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) or Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) please see the step by step process outlined below.


  1. You need to have access to submit a request. Typically this access is reserved for Treasurers, Presidents, and Vice Presidents, however, student organizations can manage the access level for each position in the roster settings within their portal. If you are needing access to your organization's portal please click here and complete our Portal Access Form.

  2. Navigate to the Engage home page and click on the Organization you wish to submit a request for. 

    Capture 1

  3. Next select "Manage Organization".

    Note: If you don't see "Manage Organization" it means you do not have access to manage this organization. Typically this is reserved for people in leadership roles within the organization. Capture 2

  4. This will bring you to the landing page of your Organization's Engage Portal. You will then use the left navigation bar to view the list of tools you have available.

    Capture 3

  5. Click on "Finance"
    Note: If you don't see the finance tool, then you do not have the necessary access to submit a budget request. If you believe you should have access to this talk with the leaders of your organization or complete the Portal Access Form.
    Capture 4

  6. In the "Finance" tool you have the option to view any current or previous budget requests or create new requests. To create a new request click the blue box marked "Create a New Request" and then selecting "Create Budget Request" 


    To see previous budget requests click the tab "Budget Requests"


    Capture 6 v2

  7. Finally you will see the current budget request options. Please make sure that you select the proper budget request process depending upon whether your org submits to UISG or GPSG. 

    Note: Depending on the funding period timeline, certain budget requests may not be open. Check the UISG or GPSG Funding websites for more information about timelines.

    Capture 7


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