Student Organization Account Number

Your account number is assigned to your organization when you open a financial account through Student Organization Business Office (SOBO). Each organization has a 40-digit MFK (Master File Key) for accounting purposes. Your abbreviated account number is only 3 digits as indicated by X’s:


  • The Student Organization Account Number is unique to each individual organization.
  • This three-digit number appears on most documents between the '552 and 00' in the Grant/Program field.
  • Treasurers are expected to know this number for their organization(s).

There are several sources of funds:

    • “00” indicates your own revenue funds (funds from fundraising, dues, Coca-Cola, late night funding, etc.). These also carry-over fiscal years.
    • SABAC funds (UISG)
    • GPAC funds (GPSG)
    • CFO funding
      • CFOs always have '40000' in place of the five '0s' after the 4690.

In the account number listed above, the 'ZZZZZ' section is where student organizations indicate to SOBO the source of funds requested to use.

  • The first digit ('Z'zzzz) indicates the source of funds.
    • '1' SABAC (UISG) and CFO
    • '3' GPAC (GPSG)
  • The second and third digits (z'ZZ'zz): indicate the type of student government funding being used.
    • '01' for office supplies
    • '02' for events
    • '03' for travel ('00' for “00” own revenue funds)
    • CFOs will always use '01' for these digits.
  • The last two digits (zzz'ZZ') are available for student organizations to use at their own discretion for tracking and reconciliation purposes.

Contact Student Organization Business Office (132 IMU) at (319) 335-3065 or if you don’t know your abbreviated account number or if you need to open a new financial account.

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