Reserving University Vehicles

Student Organizations may rent a vehicle from University of Iowa Fleet Services for travel to a national or regional conference or to participate in an academic/athletic competition only. In order to do so, a Prior Approval to Travel form must be completed and approved prior to traveling. Please allow extra time for this approval.

There will be a minimum number of drivers per vehicle required, based on the distance being traveled. Drivers must comply with the Fleet Safety Driving Record Review Standards and pass an online driving exam by completing a driver training & license review form. When not using the online 'fill in' feature for this form, take extra care in writing down license numbers. If they are entered incorrectly or cannot be deciphered correctly, a second submission may be required which results in a second charge.

Lastly, a Vehicle Request form may then be submitted to reserve the University vehicle for your trip. One form is required for each vehicle request.

Fleet Services has a limited number of vehicles so it is recommended to request early.

For more information on reserving University vehicles, contact Fleet Services at (319) 384-0564 or

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