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Registered Student Organizations are allowed to send TWO Mass Emails each semester. The link can be found here:

Student organizations need to print and submit the Approval Form along with a printed copy of the Request for Mass Email (includes sender information and message text) to the Student Involvement Suite located in 157 IMU for approval. Sport Club mass emails are submitted to 216 Field House. Once you submit the hard-copy Request and Approval forms, the University will route your request to the proper individuals for signatures. You MUST ALLOW at LEAST 5 business days for the approval process depending on who you would like to receive the email. (Check out "Life of an Email Request")

To facilitate processing of requests to use the mass e-mail service, the Office of the Provost has set the following guidelines for the sending of messages to and from faculty. The message must:

  • be of major importance to faculty
  • be of wide interest across the campus (e.g., no department or college lectures)
  • be no more than 20 lines (70-character length) including blank lines
  • include information (phone and/or e-mail) to enable recipients to contact sender
  • not be a "commercial" for a service

If appropriate, it is recommended that the message include a URL referring recipients to a website where more information can be obtained.

Complete step-by-step instructions can be found HERE.

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