Funding Resources

There are a number of ways for a student organization to receive funding. Examples include:

  • Collecting money from members (dues)
    • Dues may be collected via cash or check only. Checks should be made out to the student organization, not an individual.
  • Fundraising and collecting donations (if an organization has a fundraising idea it would like to try, please contact CSIL at (319) 335-3059 or 157 IMU).
    • Organizations must comply with all University cash handling rules.
    • Complete an Event Information Form (EIF) for each fundraising event. This form can be started at the IMU Event Services office (159 IMU) for events in or around the IMU, or Student Organization Business Office (SOBO, 132 IMU) for events taking place elsewhere.
    • Organizations may not compete with contracted University vendors, such as Coca-Cola or University Bookstore.
    • A secure cash box must be used to collect and store money; all money should be deposited at the IMU Business Office (132 IMU) as soon as possible. Cash boxes may be rented from the IMU Business Office.
    • Keep track of money you are collecting by type of income. That is, keep separate totals for admission, registration, dues, donations, and sales. Also, keep track of whether the money is coming from University members or the public.
  • Requesting money from one or both of the student government finance allocation committees.
    • Funding must be requested through the OrgSync budget module for a specific budget request period. Student government asks that organizations be as specific and thorough as possible when requesting funds. There are several budget request periods and deadlines throughout the year. The first deadline is the annual fiscal year funding period. Typically, student government allocates the majority of their funds during this first funding period (normally March or April). During the fiscal year, there will be additional supplemental funding periods with associated deadlines TBD. Typically mid-September and late January each year.

For more information on funding resources, contact Student Organization Business Office at (319) 335-3065 or


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