Donor Contributions and Tax Exemption

Soliciting Contributions (Fundraising)

Registered student organizations at the University of Iowa are not able to offer tax-deductions to individuals and/or businesses when soliciting donations, contributions, and/or sponsorship. Accordingly, when student organizations undertake fundraising projects, potential contributors should be informed the donor contributions will not be tax-deductible. 

The absence of the ability to offer tax-deductible status should not present a problem for a student organization. General contributions and/or sponsorship often involve some form of recognition or advertising to an individual or business whereby the contributor’s name is listed as a sponsor.

Similarly, in-kind products or services provided in exchange for advertising or sponsorship recognition must be treated in the same manner as cash donations, contributions, and/or sponsorship.

W9 and Tax Identification Number Requests

Student organizations may NOT provide the University of Iowa’s tax identification number nor issue a completed W9 form to any individual, group, or business.

Fundraising Collection and Deposit Process

Individuals within each student organization involved in the cash handling process must be certified and approved by the Student Organization Business Office to handle cash (each fiscal year). All revenue collected by the student organization, including funds to be donated to other organizations, must be deposited directly into the student organization account at the Business Office (132 IMU).

Student organization representatives who have questions related to fundraising, W9, or tax issues should contact SOBO's Senior Accountant:

Paul J. Braem

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